Wednesday, 28 January 2009

waste of bandwidth

As always this blog entry will include nothing of real substance or meaning but instead just general musings from the past several days, almost every morning lately i find my self strugling to get up when my alarm rings, being exausted untill i recive a strong cup of tea, and thinking i must go to bed earlier tonight, but by evening i seem to have forgoten the mornings ordeal as if it never happend and i end up not going to bed untill the early hours of the morning. I also think that my recent diet of marmite flavoured crisps and ginger ale is not helping to aleviate the fatigue. Yesterday i purchased a game from town and withit i received a free t-shirt, an item that the employee was far to excited about giving to me, the way he presented it i thought i had won Willy Wonkas golden ticket, but no it was a quite frankly shit t-shit, but at the end of the day it was free. My final point of the day is that not wearing socks whilst wearing shoes does infact cause the person in question to suffer from incredibly smelly feet, a point recently proven by a close friend.

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