Saturday, 24 January 2009

The Adventures of Middle England...

So, we were out last night going to some guy's house party in Hatchwarren, it got called off, police came and we were forced to wander the streets of hatch warren, like urchins. After alot of oldskool street drinking and many miles of walking it all got a bit cold and boring, so we all walked back from the Portsmouth Arms. About 10 minutes from Max's house, some car of degenerate proletarya pulled up, this is pretty poetic, they were just wankers from Reading. Two of them got out well nonchalantly and opened the boot, we thought nothing of it, but then they both got out baseball bats and said some generic threat (we were pretty drunk). By this time we were sprinting Sebastian Coe-style. We got away to the safety of Max's crib. Thats about it really. It was pretty funny and surreal. So then we went to Max's for a night of drinking and laughter. You probably had to be there.

Max fell asleep on the phone.

Hdog x

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